Hey you!! I see you, trying to juggle your business and life over there. Look I know it's not all glitter and high-fives because I have been EXACTLY where you are. Even the fiercest business queens encounter bumps along the way to business world domination. Struggles with bookings and sales? Marketing mazes? Searching for those dreamy AF clients that you don't seem to be attracting? Stuck on the hamster wheel when it comes to getting PREMIUM clients and of course, gaining authority in the industry? Yeah, I know! It's all so confusing and scary?!?!?!

Here's the good news: your current challenges are just future victory stories in disguise. Imagine yourself a year from now, sipping on your success martini, and saying, "Remember when I thought I couldn't do that? Psh! Look at me now." That's the spirit I see in you. That's the power you possess and I am going to get you there!

I am so glad you found me because the entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely and exhausting road to the top! My mission? To provide you the roadmap to avoid the potholes along the way and to arm you with the secret sauce of success, to connect you with your dream clients who are knocking the door down to work with you. You should add that extra sparkle to your business because you are unique and not like everyone else out there
(I know, I have seen the others).

I don't do boring and I am not into the money grab and run never to be heard from again.

My coaching programs are different because I am not a one-size-fits all kind of coach and you aren't a one-size-fits-all kind of business owner.

Since 2005

I opened the doors to my first 6 figure business after my daughter, Phoenix was born (yes one of my programs is named after her). After 15 years working in the trenches of building my own Massage & Spa business from scratch and going through my share of "guru' coaching programs, I decided to create something unique based on breaking out of the societal norms. I work with female Entrepreneurs who are building their business, brand and authority in both the Massage & Spa and coaching industries.

I created my programs based on helping you no matter where you are in your business journey.

Helena xo

Heart Centred Massage & Spa CEO & Business Coach


To fit your life and business....


One-on-One Coaching

Looking for a cozy, hands-on touch to give your business the perfect glow-up? You're in the right place, your business adventure just got a whole lot more exciting! Sure, it's a little pricier than the other options, but that's because it's like adding a first-class upgrade to your business journey.

This is where you get the VIP treatment for you and your biz as we join forces together to map out the perfect strategies, innovate solutions, and turn challenges into opportunities. Together, we'll not only aim for the stars but create a galaxy of success that's exclusively yours. Buckle up, your ultimate business transformation is just around the corner!

$100K Method

Seeking that perfect blend of collective wisdom to help your business thrive? Pop the champers because $100K Method is your your ticket and personal invitation to join the business success party!

It's a beautiful melting pot of diversity, and guidance that will take your business journey to exciting new horizons. Hold on tight, it's going to be one memorable ride!

This is a group program with LIFETIME access, 8 weekly hot seat calls so you can ask all your questions and MORE. It's a cost-friendly choice that provides value far beyond your investment.

Programs & MasterClasses

My individual programs & workshops are designed to meet you right where you are, at any stage in your life or business journey. Each one offers something unique, each offering practical advice, strategic insight, and heart-driven support to help you navigate your path to success depending where you are at.

I believe in affordable accessibility. Entrepreneurship should not be a members-only club where only a few can afford the key to get inside. That's why I designed my coaching to be as inclusive as possible for everyone. Each program offers you an investment in your future that won't break the bank today.

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